1. Precision Machined Components
2. Assemblies

1. Precision Machined Components

Alex Grinders is equipped with CNC horizontal and vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, and a variety of general purpose turning, radial drilling, milling and assembly equipment.

Alex Grinders has manufactured more than 3,000 different Precision Machined Components for various applications, many of which are very critical in nature. This involves maintaining high tolerances in size, flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity and surface finish. In some cases tolerances as tight as 15-20 microns are to be achieved after post processing operations like electroless nickel painting, fluoropolymer coating, and phospating.

Our component offering includes:

Machined Sand Castings

At Alex Grinders we manufacture fully Machined Sand Castings in a wide material grade and size range.

Some examples:

  • Aluminum Bronze machined valve bodies to tolerances under 15 microns, hydro-tested at pressures in the range of 12,000 PSI
  • WCB grade steel components machined to tolerances under 25 microns, hydro-tested and assembled to customer specification
  • Ductile Iron valve bodies machined, hydro-tested, primed and packaged ready for the assembly line
  • Ductile Iron frames machined to perpendicularity, parallelism and size tolerances under 15 microns, painted to Customer specification, ready for assembly
  • Large Grey Iron housings machined, assembled and finish machined in assembled condition to perpendicularity and parallelism tolerances within 50 microns and size tolerances on bearing bores under 15 microns, with final CMM inspection, CMM reports provided with each part

Machined Shell Molded Castings

Where higher as cast tolerances are required with very little increase in cost, we provide Machined Shell Mold Castings in a variety of materials. This process offers better surface finish and dimensional tolerances on the casting, which reduces the need for machining.

Some examples:

  • Shell molded pump components out of Grey Iron, Ductile Iron
  • Tight tolerances allows machining references to be taken from as cast water passage in casting, while maintaining concentricity tolerances within 20 microns
  • Shell mold lends itself to very controlled post machining coating options where coating thickness can be controlled to uniform thickness of under 15 microns

Machined Investment Castings

For very high as cast tolerances and minimum weight applications, where shapes are intricate, and material expensive, we provide Machined Investment Castings.

Some examples:

  • High tolerance and superior finish on as cast surfaces
  • Pump parts CNC machined in several setups including final surface grinding operation to achieve tolerances under 5 microns
  • Material supplied vary from Stainless steels to a wide variety of alloy steels

Machined Centrifugal Castings

Alex Grinders supplied several Machined Investment Castings for applications where casting integrity is very important, and there is opportunity to save cost by using a hollow casting versus a solid bar.

Some examples:

  • Successfully supplied threaded 17-4 PH double aged stainless steel machined components with critical threading and mechanical properties equivalent to those in bar through suitable heat treatment
  • Reduced cost by going from bar to hollow casting while maintaining material specification integrity
  • Secondary operations carried out include glass bead peening and fluoropolymer coating with markings as needed

Machined Forgings

Alex Grinders also provides Machined Closed and Open Die Forgings

Some examples:

  • Critical hardness range obtained on large open die forgings through suitable control on heat treatment parameters, wide range of alloy steels
  • Tolerances on crank bearing locations under 50 microns
  • Precision machined forged gates are plasma nitrided to give very good surface properties with negligible dimensional distortion

Secondary Operations

We also offer you many other secondary processes including

  • Anodizing
  • Various Heat treatment processes
  • Electroless Nickel Plating
  • Electro polishing
  • Plasma Nitriding
  • Carburizing
  • Painting
  • Hydro testing
  • Colmonoy coating

These services are tailored to your needs. Some of the operations are managed in-house and others done by vendors with whom we have long standing relationships.


Alex Grinders has been assembling Product since 1971. We will manage your project for you in a timely and cost effective manner. We have completed assemblies from start to finish very successfully for our Customers.

A typical example of an assembly – scope and outcome:
  • 13 grades of Materials (Manufactured Components)
  • 23 Manufactured Components
  • 37 Purchase Parts
  • Developed a variety of Tools & Fixtures
  • Developed assembly drawings from Components
  • Constant interactions with Customer Engineering
  • 40+ modifications to help ‘design for manufacturability’
  • Comprehensive Material Test Reports
  • Test Results found acceptable by Customer
  • Prototypes completed in 6 months
  • We continuously improve process as we manufacture the assembly in production
  • Worked with 24 Suppliers of Purchase parts and raw material

Testimonial received after project completion:

“I would like to thank everyone at Alex Grinders PVT. LTD. For a job well done in regards to the manufacture and delivery of our assembly. The developmental stage ran smoothly due to your team’s professionalism and expert knowledge for developing raw material sources to enable you to deliver a quality product. Alex Grinders machining and assemblypractices show to be outstanding as dimensional and engineering inspection of the assembly and components were found to exceed our quality standards. Run tests were performed at excessive rates and times without failure or problems.
All this contributed to the employees of Alex Grinders commitment to deliver a quality product.”