The Staff at Alex Grinders

Alex Grinders employs a highly skilled labor force that has the ability to-

- understand material specifications and drive compliance and traceability
- identify, qualify and develop suppliers
- understand complex part prints and develop the programs and processes to manufacture close tolerance    parts
- develop quality plans with inspection criteria to ensure that all parts meet specification
- understand and review assembly prints for manufacturability.

Metallurgy is crucial in our business. Our Metallurgist is a key member of our team, and a very valuable resource to providing you with consistent material integrity. We have experienced qualified engineers in various positions from Quality, Engineering, CNC programming and Factory management. Our staff is not only technologically innovative but also committed to excellence.

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Our People

Nisha Lobo
A Cornell University (NY) post graduate in mechanical engineering, Nisha began her career working in the machine tool
Vernon Pontes
Vernon Pontes brings to the Alex group his vast experience in manufacturing. An industrial engineer ...

The Staff at Alex Grinders
At Alex Grinders we are fortunate to have a highly skilled and experienced staff. Our people are easy to work with, very dedicated to providing you a quality part,