Nisha Lobo

A Cornell University graduate in mechanical engineering, Nisha began her career working in the machine tool division of her family business in India. Alex Machine Tools is a leading surface grinding manufacturer in India, and Nisha learned first hand the basics of design, manufacturing, procurement, service and people management in the Indian environment. In 1997, she relocated to the USA and worked at Texas Hydraulics - a component manufacturing business as an Industrial Engineer, Lean process coordinator, Plant Manager and later as President of the company. Nisha was responsible for developing a Lean culture in the company, which dramatically improved quality, decreased lead-times and increased efficiency through implementation of lean principles of elimination of waste, flow (cellular manufacturing), pull (kanban), and continuous improvement. She has hosted several Lean Conferences for the parent company, ‘Dover Corporation’. In 2003, she joined the Dover Corporation to develop and lead their Supply Chain Council. Global sourcing was a key initiative; Nisha facilitated several tours and global projects for Dover in the United States, India and China.

Throughout her experience in working with Global companies, she has developed a clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges posed by Global sourcing – Quality, Delivery Integrity, Lead-times, and Communication.

Having lived and worked in India for several years, she has the knowledge and access to the resources available in India - a large supply of highly skilled workforce with a lower cost structure, as well as knowledge of the supplier base in India that is capable of satisfying the Global Customer.

With an office in Houston, Nisha is readily available to meet with you to explore ways to provide your company value through reduced cost, while satisfying your quality and delivery expectations.

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Nisha Lobo
A Cornell University (NY) post graduate in mechanical engineering, Nisha began her career working in the machine tool
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