Machined Sand Castings

At Alex Grinders we manufacture fully Machined Sand Castings in a wide material grade and size range.

Some examples:

  • Aluminum Bronze machined valve bodies to tolerances under 15 microns, hydro-tested at pressures in the range of 12,000 PSI
  • WCB grade steel components machined to tolerances under 25 microns, hydro-tested and assembled to customer specification
  • Ductile Iron valve bodies machined, hydro-tested, primed and packaged ready for the assembly line
  • Ductile Iron frames machined to perpendicularity, parallelism and size tolerances under 15 microns, painted to Customer specification, ready for assembly
  • Large Grey Iron housings machined, assembled and re-machined in assembled condition to perpendicularity and parallelism tolerances within 50 microns and size tolerances on bearing bores under 15 microns, with final CMM inspection, CMM reports provided with each part