Our Strategy

At Alex Grinders our business strategy is to improve Customer Economics by leveraging resources, capabilities, knowledge in India. Our goal is to develop relationships with few Customers characterized by:

                                      ISO 9001:2008

  • Long Term orientation
  • Mutual Benefit
  • Becoming an extension of our customers’ business
  • Defining and creating value

We do this through our plant and resources in India where we:

  • Utilize existing resources, capability and knowledge to serve Customer need
  • Selectively expand existing capacity & capability to serve Customer need
  • Expand and develop Supplier base to support need

Value Proposition: Why Use Alex Grinders?

  • 35 years of close tolerance manufacturing
  • Clear understanding of the quality requirements of global manufacturers
  • Deep knowledge and management of the supplier base in the Indian subcontinent
  • Lower costs leveraging India's lower cost of labor
  • ISO certified factory with both manual and CNC equipment
  • Presence in India and the US give us a 24 hour business
  • Integrity is a core value for us